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The Challenge School

The Challenge School is not compatible with its name. The school is for talented and gifted kids, somewhat like the GT program but it's an entire school. It has grades K-8. The math classes at the challenge school are a bit different from normal schools. Rather than staying with the same teacher for math, the kids switch to a different class depending on how talented they are. Also, middle school starts in fifth grade not sixth. They get lockers, earlier lunches, and six different periods starting in fifth.

In addition, the students go on special field trips called immersions. The kids sign up for the immersions they want and they get at least one of thier choices. An immersion is when a group of kids spend one week with a teacher learning something other than a school subject. They have immersions twice a year, one in the fall and one in the spring.

Challenge School News

On December 14 the school had the first dance of the year. It was called "Hollywood Nights." The students had a chance to dress up as their favorite movie charactor, actor/actress. Also at the dance, they announced the winners of the best actor and actress contest that had benn going on three weeks before the dance. The fifth grade winners were Scott McArthur for actor and Taylor Dolven for actress. Congratulations to those two.

From December 18 to January 2 it is winter break. Student council was doing a scavenger hunt where the students had to find several different items in the halls of the school. The first one who points out all of the correct items to the security guard, "Rock", gets a special prize. That's all the news for now but we'll have more January 2, 2001!

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